how to manifest with cinnamon
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How To Manifest With Cinnamon And Coarse Salt

How To Manifest With Cinnamon Powder And Salt

Spices- they’re not just for cooking. In fact, spices, like cinnamon and coarse salt, have been used for centuries for healing, cleansing, and yep you guessed it- manifesting!

Do you want to manifest a new car, a boyfriend, a new job, or even someone to text you? Try this manifestation technique with cinnamon and coarse salt. When starting to manifest, I recommend trying out a few manifestation techniques to firmly establish your intentions and keep the momentum going. There are so many to choose from, but some popular ones are scripting for manifesting, making a manifestation board, journaling and the 369 method. But today, we will discuss how to manifest with cinnamon and coarse salt!

Cinnamon is a powerful spice that can help you bring your desires into reality. Today’s post is an interesting one! We will discuss how to use cinnamon for manifestation and perform a simple spell to help you get what you want.

how to manifest with cinnamon and coarse salt

Why Cinnamon Works To Manifest?

Cinnamon is a very popular spice that has many uses. Not only is it great for cooking, but cinnamon also has medicinal properties. Cinnamon can help to improve circulation, boost immunity, and reduce inflammation. In addition, cinnamon is also known for its ability to attract luck and abundance. That’s why cinnamon is often used in many popular spells and rituals for manifestation.

Powerful Ways To Manifest With Cinnamon

If you want to manifest something specific, then you will need to be very clear about what it is that you desire. The more specific you can be, the better.

Write Your Manifestation On A Cinnamon Stick

Once you have a clear idea of what it is that you want, write your manifestation down on a piece of paper. Then, take your cinnamon stick and write your desire on it, even just one or two words. I recommend using a sharpie!

After you have written your desire on the cinnamon stick, place it in a jar or container. Then, add water to the container until the cinnamon stick is completely submerged. Allow the mixture to sit for 24 hours.

After 24 hours have passed, remove the cinnamon stick from the container and discard it. Take the remaining water and spritz it around your home, office, or wherever you would like to see your desire come to fruition.

If you want to increase the power of this spell, you can also add other ingredients such as a pinch of coarse salt or a drop of essential oil. You can also recite a manifestation mantra or affirmation for manifesting while spritzing the water around your space.

Remember, the key to making this spell work is to have faith and believe that what you desire will come to you. Be patient and trust that the universe will deliver your desires to you in perfect timing. Thank the universe for bringing your desires into reality and release all resistance or doubt from your mind. Then, just sit back and wait for your manifestations to come into being!

Cinnamon is known for its ability to attract money and abundance. If you want to manifest more wealth and abundance in your life, then start using cinnamon in your money affirmations and visualizations. For example, you can say something like, “I am attracting more money into my life with each passing day” or “I am worthy of abundance and prosperity.”

how to manifest with cinnamon and coarse salt

How To Manifest With Cinnamon And Coarse Salt

This is a simple but effective way to use cinnamon for manifestation. All you need is some coarse salt and cinnamon powder. Place a tsp of coarse salt in a bowl and add 3 tsp of cinnamon powder. Stir it up well and then put it in a jar with a lid.

Every day, when you wake up, take a small pinch of the mixture and rub it on your hands. As you do this, visualize what you want to manifest in your life. For example, if you want to attract more money, visualize yourself living in abundace. If you want to improve your health, visualize yourself surrounded by a bright white light.

After rubbing the mixture on your hands, take a deep breath in and then blow it out slowly blowing the cinnamon off your hands and into the universe. As you do this, imagine your desire being blown into the universe. Do this for at least 60 seconds.

Do this daily, and you will start to see results within a few weeks!

Wrapping Up How To Manifest With Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a powerful tool for manifestation. If you follow these steps, you should start to see results within a few weeks. Keep your visualization strong and remain positive, and you’ll be Manifesting your desires in no time!

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