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mercury retrograde

Is Mercury Really In Retrograde?

Or Is Mercury Retrograde Just An Illusion? Last week, Mercury retrograde began for the first time this year, but its phenomenon has trended for years. Just caught your sleazy boyfriend scheming, or accidentally sent an inappropriate email to your entire contact list? Blame it on mercury retrograde! But before you accuse a planet 48 million miles away,…

life as an insomniac

Insomnia Is A Bitch

Extreme Exhaustion Made My Life A Living Nightmare I’m not ME when I’m exhausted. I turn into an irritable, restless, moody bitch. As a recovering insomniac, I’ve suffered most of my life.  Much like a child, exhaustion turns me into a tall, toddler who needs a nap. And, although it’s common to experience the occasional…

flower power

The Best Plants For Your Home

These Plants Will Make You Happy! Plants have the power to make you healthier and happier. One of the most popular housewarming gifts is a houseplant and with good reason. Plants can make a house feel more like a home, instantly. But, did you know they also improve air quality, your mental and physical health,…

Life Before Social Media

Before Social Media, There Were Pogs! Imagine you just caught your best friend’s ex-bf in the closet, pants-down with your fugly neighbor. You can hardly wait to share this juicy scandal with your friends, but you HAVE to wait… until your mom gets off the family landline. By the time she does, your brother logs…