short nail designs

Nail Designs For Short Nails

Short Nail Designs! Looking for cute, trendy nail designs for short nails? Just because you’ve got stubs instead of claws, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! To be honest I’ve never really wanted long nails. I like the look, feel and functionality of keeping my nails short. But I do like to keep my …

how to use coconut oil to shave your legs

How To Use Coconut Oil As Shaving Cream

Why I Use Coconut Oil As Shaving Cream! And Other Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil Is there anything coconut oil can’t do? Recently coconut oil took over the beauty industry as a an affordable multi-tasking miracle product that could potentially replace pretty everything in your beauty routine. From hair masks to eyelash serum, moisturizer and …

Does Beauty Make You Happier?

Hello Gorgeous! Can Beauty Make You Healthier And Happier?

The connection between mental health, wellness and beauty! Health and and beauty are in many ways- connected. My appearance affects my mood every single day. When I look good, I feel better! I also always enjoy a good beauty routine. It’s relaxing and almost therapeutic for me to go through the steps of skin care …