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Anxiety Triggers At Home

Is Your Home An Anxiety Trigger?

Your home should be your safe place, where you feel most comfortable, but there’s probably a few things in your home right now that are giving you anxiety! What causes anxiety attacks? What does anxiety feel like? And what are the risk factors for anxiety disorders? Let’s find out! I LOVE my little family, but…

toxic love

High On A Bad Romance

Confessions Of A Toxic Love Junkie If you’re like me, you’ve suffered through your unfair share of toxic, codependent relationships. Turns out, there’s a scientific explanation for your attraction to the bad boy type. Which explains much of my 20s. They’re referred to as codependent relationships because they are one-sided and dysfunctional. I’ve fallen for…

how to accept yourself

5 Ways To Find Freedom In Imperfection

How To Embrace YOU! No one’s perfect. Yet accepting this is often so hard! How do we learn to embrace our imperfections, and still strive toward a better life? Find who you truly are, what makes you happy and do more of that! Than you can live your ‘perfect’ life! Imperfection is not the opposite…

flower power

The Best Plants For Your Home

These Plants Will Make You Happy! Plants have the power to make you healthier and happier. One of the most popular housewarming gifts is a houseplant and with good reason. Plants can make a house feel more like a home, instantly. But, did you know they also improve air quality, your mental and physical health,…

my journey to self love

The Importance Of Self Love

My Journey To Self-Love “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” — Buddha I’ve fallen in love, without even trying. Without wanting to. Falling is easy. Learning who to give that love to is a little more tricky. Self-love is the best love, but it’s often over-looked. We…