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How To Make Your Blog Stand Out

Grow Your Blog Traffic

Use Blog Comments, Big Publications And My Best Kept Secret To Boost Blog Traffic The most popular question I hear from bloggers is ‘How Do I Increase My Blog Traffic?’ Well get ready to wow them! I won’t sugar coat it, the real big traffic comes to those who- hustle hard and are in it…

Facebook down

#FacebookDown! The Best Social Networks For Business

SOS Save Our Social… Sites! It was a virtual nightmare today, March 13, 2019, for social media moguls, marketers, influencers and many in between as the two largest social media networking sites experienced outages around the world. Instagram and Facebook users logged in to technical difficulties throughout the day, leaving many frustrated. The digital rumor…

write stories people want to read

Creating A Better Blog Brand

How Hard Could It Bee (pun intended)? Turns Out, Very! I don’t even like bees. I do like pie! My first draft blog name was My Social B. It didn’t represent me very well, but I needed something quick to get my Instagram and blog pages up and running for a college project. It wasn’t…