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Delicious Backlinks That’ll Make You Irresistible To Google!

Delicious Backlinks Google Will Eat Up! Bloggers, you know the importance of backlinks in you SEO plan. But all backlinks are not equal. Bad backlinks are the kind that Google will chew up and spit out. Good backlinks are the scrumptious kind Google savours and recommends to all his friends. If Google likes your backlinks, …

Create An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Effective Social Media Marketing For Bloggers

8 Steps To Create The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Blog Or Business You want more views and traffic to your blog, right? How do you attract more people to your site? Having an effective social media marketing strategy across the board, can help you gain more visitors and a loyal following. First, …

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The Most Important Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

Blogging is a lot harder than I thought. I created this blog 5 months ago, but have been writing for print and the web for nearly 10 years. However, blogging is very different. When writing for the news or for magazines, you already have an established audience. You know your stuff is going to be …