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Embrace Yourself | The Power Of Self Appreciation

What Happens When You Embrace Yourself?! Life’s hard enough on you. Don’t be your own worst critic. No one is perfect. So how can you embrace your imperfections instead of criticizing them, and continue to strive toward a better life? To truly embrace yourself, you need self appreciation despite your flaws! Imperfection is not the …

mercury retrograde

Is Mercury Really In Retrograde?

Or Is Mercury Retrograde Just An Illusion? Last week, Mercury retrograde began for the first time this year, but its phenomenon has trended for years. Just caught your sleazy boyfriend scheming, or accidentally sent an inappropriate email to your entire contact list? Blame it on mercury retrograde! But before you accuse a planet 48 million miles away, …

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How To Treat Insomnia, Naturally

Suffering From Insomnia? Try These Tips To Help Relieve Your Insomnia, Naturally! Suffering from insomnia? It’s common to experience the occasional sleepless night, but chronic insomnia can affect many aspects of your life, leaving you irritable, exhausted and moody. Here are some natural ways to relieve insomnia fast! “Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai …