valentine gift ideas for husband

The Best Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Husband

Non-Cheesy Valentine Gift Ideas For Him Valentine’s Day is a day full of candy, cards, cupid and cheeeesiness! This Valentine’s Day hold the cheese please! You can still be romantic and sweet without being too gushy. I’ve create a list of the best Valentine gift ideas for your husband or boyfriend. They’re sweet and thoughtful, …

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How To Write A (Great) Blog Post!

Hook ‘em In The First 3 Seconds Can I have your attention please?! The first few sentences of your post will either make or break your reader’s interest. The first paragraph is the most important if you want to capture and keep your reader’s attention. I’ve been a published writer for many years, but blog …

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How To Deal With Toxic Family Over The Holidays

We can’t choose our family. And unfortunately, some of us are stuck with a few a$$holes… like an overly-opinionated aunt, a rude cousin, angry uncle, or manipulative step-mother! You didn’t choose to have them in your life. But they’re part of your family and so avoiding them completely is not always an option, especially over …