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30 Days To Greater Self Love


Self-love may sound cheesy of vein but once you truly love and appreciate yourself, you’ll realize that its the key to true happiness and manifestation.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone who didn’t deserve it? Or loved someone so much that you sacrificed your own happiness? If you can give so much of your love to others, surely you can learn to love yourself more. And then, you’ll be able to form healthy relationships with others. It all starts with your relationship with yourself!

Learn to cultivate and nurture self-love by making it a habit over the next 30 days. Even if you don’t purchase my book, do yourself a favour and write- ‘I am worthy of my love’ on your mirror or in your journal, and repeat it every day for the next 30 days and see if your mindset has shifted

What’s included:

53 pages full of ideas to help you develop a deep self love through awareness, affirmations, nutrition, letting go and personal growth.

It’s a no-fluff, straight to the point self love journey, everyone should take!

What’s inside:

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Are you Using the Right Criteria to Measure Your Self-Worth?
  • Chapter 2: A 30-Day Beginning to Self-Love
  • Day 0: Set Your Intention for the Next 30 Days
  • Day 1: Become Aware
  • Day 2: Accept All the Compliments that Come Your Way
  • Day 3: Start Reading a Book on the Topic of Self-Love
  • Day 4: Create and Use Affirmations
  • Day 5: Do Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do
  • Day 6: Admire Your Body
  • Day 7: Eat Nutritiously
  • Day 8: Send Yourself a Love Letter
  • Day 9: Ask Someone for a Favor
  • Day 10: Remove the Need for Perfection
  • Day 11: Declutter Your Home Environment
  • Day 12: Clean Up Your Schedule
  • Day 13: Develop a Strategy for Dealing With Stress
  • Day 14: Create a Gratitude List
  • Day 15: Exercise
  • Day 16: Clean Up Your Social Life
  • Day 17: Do What You Love
  • Day 18: Make Plans for Your Future
  • Day 19: Keep a Journal
  • Day 20: Forgive Yourself
  • Day 21: Stop Seeking Approval
  • Day 22: Sit by Yourself
  • Day 23: Visit the Doctor and Dentist
  • Day 24: Volunteer
  • Day 25: Sleep
  • Day 26: Set and Maintain Boundaries
  • Day 27: Do One Thing You Know You Need To Do
  • Day 28: Trust Your Intuition
  • Day 29: Do Something That Makes You Like Yourself More
  • Day 30: Do Something for Someone Else, but Keep it a Secret
  • Day 31: Have Fun
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