Do you want longer, thicker, stronger hair?

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on serums, creams, pills and vitamins trying to grow my hair longer and thicker! But, I’ve never seen seen anything like The Ordinary Hair Serum! And it’s under $20! But it sells out fast because it’s so good, I usually buy two!

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After just a few months I can see new growth, as in actual baby hairs along my hairline. And my hair looks and feels healthier, fuller and shinier than it ever has!

See the new hair! Those were not there a few months ago!!

All thanks to one product: The Ordinary Hair Serum

What’s in it?

Basically, magic!! But technically, it’s a concentrated complex that includes tons of natural derivatives and peptides to encourage hair growth and thicken the appearance of your hair shaft!

You can read more about it here, along with all of the raving reviews of how it helps hair grow in thicker, and healthier – The Ordinary Hair Serum.

What it does

It really is amazing! It’s restored my scalp and hair’s health and encouraged new hair to grow. My scalp also feels healthier and softer. I do a nice scalp massage using this oil.

How to use it

I massage a few drops into my scalp focusing on my hair line and parts where my hair is thinning.

Scalp exfoliation is an important part of any hair growth journey. It’s simple and takes just a few minutes. Then, I put my hair up in a top knot and go to sleep. My hair doesn’t get too greasy and so it doesn’t leave a residue on my pillow!

The next morning, I rinse it out, and wash and style my hair as usual. I do this a few nights a week.

It does take at least a month or more to see results, but it is by far the best hair growth serum I’ve ever used! I was shocked!

Where to get it

You can buy The Ordinary hair serum directly from Deciem The Ordinary here. It’s under $20 and lasts a few months! I’ve seen it sell out several times, so I usually buy two!