Watercolour Mood Tracker Journal


For just $10 (on sale now for $5) you can print and use this beautiful water colour mood tracker over and over to help you better understand and control how you feel.

Change your emotions, and you change your life! 

You’ll get over 100 printable pages to use over and over again. Each emotion has over 20 prompts to help you uncover exactly how you feel.

Track and understand your emotions:

  • Fear
  • Sad
  • Excited
  • Grateful
  • Happy
  • Angry

Here’s what you get:

  • Over 100 Beautiful Printable pages
  • Over 100 Journal Prompts
  • A4 printable format
  • 6 x 9 printable format
  • Lifetime use

Discover a greater self of self awareness and emotional understanding.

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Our emotions, they make up so much of who we are yet we rarely take the time to understand them.

We can’t be happy all of the time. Track your feelings and emotions to improve your life and self awareness. Mood trackers can help you build your emotional strength and resilience.

This mood tracker helps you track emotions like fear, curiosity, gratitude, sadness, and happiness!

Just think of how much better you’ll understand your feelings and why you are the way you are. You’ll also be able to prepare for and control your negative emotions more effectively once you track and understand them.

With over 20 pages and prompts for each emotion and over 100 pages, you can easily record and track how you feel each day.

Also track your sleep, gratitude, self care and more!


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