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Cancer Donations, Making A Difference At Institut Curie

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The C word- Cancer. It’s a word I don’t even like to think about because it means so many terrible things- struggle, pain, loss and saddness just to name a few. But it’s something we can’t ignore because it affects us all one way or another.

cancer donations

We all know someone who has beaten cancer or had the unfortunate experience of losing someone to this terrible beast. But, there is hope that one day we will find a definite cure for all cancer! Until then, new treatments continue to emerge and save the lives of many thanks to your donations to cancer research.

As I write this post, I’m thinking about all of the people I have witnessed go through this terrible journey. Some made it, some didn’t. As a journalist, I’ve written about children battling cancer, mother’s who have lost their children to cancer, wives who have had to bury their husbands because of this horrible disease. But, I’ve also seen many women and children kick cancer’s booty! I would do anything to get rid of this disease once and for all. So, how can we really help? And, where does all the funding actually go?

Simply put, cancer donations go to the continuous fight to find a cure! And until a cure is found, more treatments are being discovered! Thanks to continuous cancer research, we are improving the lives of those affected by cancer. One treatment centre that stands out, is the Institut Curie in France. Their cutting edge technology and research have saved the lives of so many, and continue to do so thanks to our support.

Institut Curie is one of the world’s leading medical, biological and biophysical research centres. It is a provate non-private foundation, so they rely on the generous support from people like you!

cancer donations

Where Does Your Money Go?

  • Basic scientific, translational and clinical research in physics, chemistry, biology and radiobiology, to put science to work for people and to help fight diseases, in particular cancer.
  • Diagnostics, follow-up and care given to patients within a hospital group assimilated with a cancer research center, belonging to the Unicancer federation:
  • Development of research and access to innovation, which requires Institut Curie to forge ties with economic players that will help develop innovations to assist patients and/or to improve scientific knowledge.
  • Preservation and transfer of knowledge in the aforementioned areas, in particular through teaching and museology activities.

Institut Curie preserves research done by the Curie and Joliot-Curie families so they can continue to contribute to the international influence of research and treatment of all cancers, including the rarest ones. Your funding lives on through this research, for years to come! If you want to help support cancer research and treaments, visit cancer support foundation France.

What Cancer Treatments Do They Provide

Institut Curie is an international expert facility, treating many types of cancers, including eye cancers, pediatric tumors, breast cancers and sarcomas. Patients from all over the world are offered hope at Institut Curie.

They offer cutting-edge technlogy and treatments, including:

Chemotherapy and hormone therapy


Reconstructive surgery



Target therapies

It’s thanks to facilities like Institut Curie, that we are making huge advancements in cancer treatments. After all, we’re all fighting the same battle- to find a cure!

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