short nail designs

Nail Designs For Short Nails

Short Nail Designs! Looking for cute, trendy nail designs for short nails? Just because you’ve got stubs instead of claws, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! To be honest I’ve never really wanted long nails. I like the look, feel and functionality of keeping my nails short. But I do like to keep my …

metallic font

How To Create Metallic Font Easy and Free! Shiny Text From Your Phone!

Create Shiny Metallic Font Easily Using A Free App! I love the look of shiny, metallic font. I think it adds a cool effect to the average, boring text:) I’ve seen the shiny chrome letters around social media and loved it so much I wanted to learn how to create the look myself. Today, I’ll …

the best long tail keyword research tool

The Best Long Tail Keywords Research Tool For SEO

Take The Guesswork Out Of Long Tail Keyword Research Don’t Be Intimidated By Search Engines! Keysearch Makes Keyword Research A No-Brainer! Long Tail Keywords Are The Key To Long-Term SEO And Traffic Ranking in the top of Google search results is like the holy grail of blogger traffic. Everyone throws around SEO terms like keywords …