Does Thrive Really Work?

Running On Empty? You Need To Try This!

*I’m updating this post after using Thrive for 8 months now and even though I’m hardly actively promoting it, I will NEVER EVER go without it! I am not here to push a sale, but to seriously tell you that if you feel like you are running on empty and are mentally and physically exhausted, you need to at least try the Thrive Experience. Let me explain…

I remember feeling exhausted by 2 p.m. every day, like clock work. By the time dinner was done, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I often needed 2 cups of coffee just to feel alive every day. I also suffered from brain fog and a lack of mental clarity making focusing, difficult. But then I tried Thrive and I will never, ever be without it!

Before Thrive, I thought that if I could just get more sleep, I would feel better, but that never really happened. Thinking it was just a phase at first, I eventually started to accept that this was just how I am now. Maybe this is how 30+ feels, with kids?

I had days where I had more energy, sure, but most days I was running on empty.

Until I tried Thrive. I now think, I was missing out a lot of nutrients that my body needed to run properly. Also, coffee was not really helping. Thrive gives me all of the vitamins and nutrients I need to feel alive again, plus a boost of clean caffeine for a mental and physical energy I never got from coffee and naps!

This post contains affiliate links and if you click through and make a purchase I will make a commission at no cost to you. Thanks for the support.

What Is Thrive?

Basically, Thrive a 3 step nutritional supplement that provides you with essential nutrients and a clean caffeine that hits you differently than coffee. It’s a long-lasting energy that provides mental clarity and physical energy that I haven’t experienced from coffee or energy drinks. And I get NO crash. Visit for more product details.

I feel like a new person! I’m happier, have way more energy and longer feel like I’m completely drained.

I used to drink coffee after coffee just trying to get through the day. I never had much energy, but I needed that coffee to feel awake and alive. The feeling never lasted long and I felt unmotivated most of the day. I never had the energy to do all of the things I wanted, like exercise and self care!

I wanted to take care of myself, get healthy, fit and in shape but I was struggling just to make it through all that I had to do in a day.

Does Thrive Work?

Maybe you’ve heard of Thrive before, but if not- Thrive Experience is the #1 health and wellness movement, and it’s something you have to experience for yourself!

I am not even actively promoting this product across my social media because I’m not a salesy person (like at all). I’m more comfortable writing a full story detailing my experience here on the blog and if my readers want to experience this for themselves, they can order up or reach out to me. I don’t approach people, pushing this product. I just wanted to let you know that is not my agenda! I’m sharing my experience to help the people out there that are feeling like I was!

If you’re tired of feeling tired, you at least owe it to yourself to try the Thrive Experience. And, if you’re not satisfied after, just never get it again. It’s simple and definitely worth a try!

This post contains affiliate links and if you click through and make a purchase, I may make a commission at no cost to you! Thank you for your support!

I was skeptical at first, but I kept hearing about how this product gives you your life back… your energy and wellbeing improve and you feel amazing. I wanted to feel amazing. I invested in a month’s supply and thought it is a little expensive but if it doesn’t work, I’ll never buy it again. Part of me definitely thought it was a gimmick for people to make money. But I had to try it for myself and give my readers the truth!

So here’s the run-down– It’s a 3 step nutritional system that gives you a different type of energy, not the kind that barely picks you up like coffee these days. It also releases the energy throughout the day, fills in your nutritional gaps so you function at your best and even speeds up your metabolism. A miracle right?


I can explain it like this- I feel mentally and physically, better than I have in years! I am way more upbeat and fun. I think I was in a bad mood a lot more often before Thrive. And, I was never a morning person. I was a ‘don’t talk to me before I’ve finished my second cup of coffee’ person, before Thrive! Now, I wake up in a good mood. That is a miracle, really.

It’s full of nutrients and a clean, slow-releasing caffeine to keep you feeling energized and focused throughout the day.

It’s not a weight loss supplement. It’s a healthy lifestyle change that provides energy and mental clarity, but can also aid in weight loss because it does suppress your appetite and give you more energy and motivation!

From my experience it’s a different kind of energy than coffee. It’s WAY better, not quick and slight like with coffee. This is a lot of energy that lasted me from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. when I could start to feel it wearing off, which is a good thing because I was worried I would have trouble sleeping if the energy kept up!

Day one, and I’m feeling WAY more energy than I did drinking 3 cups of coffee a day. And it’s a different kind of energy. With coffee, I still had brain fog and grogginess throughout the day.

Today, I never experienced those lows or the brain fog. I was not expecting this. I had both mental and physical energy and clarity! I think this is how you’re supposed to feel. I can’t wait to see how I feel throughout my 30 day experience!

Forget ‘Bette Davis Eyes’, I Had Tired AF Eyes

Day 2: My eyes feel lighter, if that makes sense. I used to have ‘tired eyes’ that felt heavy. Not exactly sexy. Today, first thing I noticed is that my eyes feel more ALIVE! I also feel fuller after eating less, which I honestly didn’t expect! I served myself my usual portion sized foods, and was way full after about half. Like STUFFED. I was absolutely not expecting that. Day 2 is going great!

Day 3: I never want to go without this stuff. I have never had this much energy before, except maybe when I was 21… I woke up before my alarm… again, and felt like I can get up and go right away. This NEVER HAPPENS! How did I make it before this? I was struggling so hard and just thought that’s how it was gonna be. I was never a morning person. Never thought I would be and I was okay with that. How did this change me so much, in just a few days?

Another, still surprising effect is that I am fuller, quicker! I continued out of habit to serve myself a full plate at dinner and was stuffed after half. Totally STUFFED! It’s something that I’ll have to (gladly) get used to! It’s still shocking. I also continue to do a short toning workout every day- about 15 minutes focusing on toning my arms, butt and stomach! I’ll post weekly updates with photos:)

Here is the quick 15 minute toning workout I love:

Day 4: It’s a Sunday, and my daughter sleeps in so I used to sleep in as long as I could but today I woke up early and full of energy. SO WEIRD for me! I feel like I wasted years of my life being so tired when I could have been feeling good.

Week 1: It’s officially been one week and here’s what I noticed:

  • I serve myself the same big portions I was used to and am stuffed after half. I’ll have to get used to the appetite control because I am still shocked every meal.
  • I wake up a half hour before my alarm goes off and I’m feeling ready to start my day.
  • I have zero need for coffee or energy drinks
  • I feel like I’m looking better already. I feel like my face looks less puffy… maybe it’s the nutrition or energy!

If you too curious already and can’t wait til the end of the post to check out Thrive, you can create a FREE account here — Thrive Experience and learn more before you decide whether it’s for you! Just keep an eye on your email for holiday sales before you buy, if you want to save money!

I just ordered the Candy Cane lifestyle mix and the Camo Ultra dft patches.

After using the regular dft patches for a few months now, moving on to the ultra ones is amazing. Especially during the winter months when my energy and mood is typically down. My mood has dramatically improved and I never really feel tired throughout the day! A major difference compared to me at this time last year!

I used to (as in like yesterday before I started Thrive) drink 3 cups of coffee a day, minimum yet I never had a lot of energy. In fact I had minimal energy and my digestive system felt sluggish. My body was clearly lacking and I was hooked on coffee just to function.

On Thrive, you don’t really have a need to drink coffee because it already contains all the caffeine you need. It contains guarana and green coffee bean extract, green tea and white tea which give you the energy you need!

You’ll end up being more productive, feeling happier and more alive!

It also contains all of the recommended vitamins and minerals you need to function at your best.

How I Heard About Thrive

I heard about Thrive from Shanann Watts, and if you don’t know who Shanann Watts is she was an amazing promoter for Thrive from North Carolina. She had a great online presence, was very charismatic, seemed like an amazing mother, and was so passionate about Thrive. Sadly, she and her two daughters and unborn son were murdered by the man they loved and trusted most, her husband and father of their kids Christopher Watts. He started having an affair, and wanted his family out of the way… so he killed them. The case was so tragic and shocking. I watched the Lifetime and Netflix movies and saw how passionate she was about this product that I started watching all of the videos she made about Thrive. She sold me on the product, from the grave… so this is for you Shanann!

How Does Thrive Work?

It’s a 3 step nutritional system that includes capsules, a lifestyle mix and a DFT patch that work together to provide you with optimal nutrition to help you reach peak mental and physical levels.

Woman’s Capsules

Step 1: As soon as you wake up, you take two nutritional capsules with water, on an empty stomach. Now, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, just take one capsule at first and see how you feel.

Vanilla Lifestyle Mix

Step 2: 15-30 minutes after you take your capsules, you make your lifestyle shake. You mix one lifestyle packet with 1-2 cups of water or milk. Or you can try my Thrive Orange Julius Shake below!

Thrive Orange Julius Shake Recipe


  • One packet of vanilla lifestyle mix
  • half cup of ice
  • 1.5 cups of Sunny D (or orange juice)
  • half a banana


Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Cosmetic Derma Fusion Technology

Step 3: Put on your Derma Fusion Technology patch. You can put it anywhere on your body, like your leg, your back, your arm, or your stomach. What does it do? I chose the premium cosmetic beauty edition DFT. It provide energy and replenishes your skin’s moisture barrier, improves your skin elasticity, firms and tones your skin and makes you look younger! WOW!

Does Thrive Work?

Today, is day one but if you want to follow along with my experience please join my Thrive newsletter below for updates, special offers and more! Or come back here and I’ll update below:)

Week 1 Review

Week 1 photos: I can already see and feel a difference. I have just been doing a simple 15 min toning workout every other day, and that’s it!! You can see my skin is already more toned?!! My jeans fit better and I feel like I look better all around:) Just wait til the end of my 30 day experience!

How Much Does Thrive Cost?

How much do you spend on junk food and coffee a month? $100, $200 or more? More importantly, how much would you pay to feel better… to feel energetic, alive and happy?

Rather than wasting that money on stuff that isn’t doing anything for you, why not spend it on something that is going to change your life? Imagine having more energy and feeling good? And, you won’t be spending money on junk foods and coffee anymore. Plus, if you become a promoter, you can make money and earn free products!

Tip: Be sure to purchase your products using the auto-ship option and you’ll save money! And if you aren’t sure about it, just go in and cancel your auto ship after your order ships and you’ll never be charged again until you’re ready! I’ve used this method with zero issues:) Also keep an eye out on your email for sales, especially on holidays!

Sign up for your first order using my link StephSocial to join my team and I’ll ship you a Pro Bar and Cafe to try! Just send me an email with your Thrive info to!

Instead of spending money on other supplements, junk food and coffee, why not try Thrive?! Plus, it’s a breakfast smoothie, so it can actually replace a meal! So when you think about it, you won’t be spending any extra money because you won’t be buying vitamins, supplements, coffees and more! And you’ll have more energy and time to get things done. For me, it’s a no-brainer.

Interested in learning more? You can in create a FREE account and just check it out if you’re not ready to try! Check it out here: and make sure you sign up for you FREE account so you can learn more before you try!

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