FREE Motivational Wallpapers For Your IPhone

Looking for a little motivation? How about a pick me up, every time you pick up your phone? Here are some of amazing motivational wallpapers for your IPhone that are sure to inspire you!

How To Save Wallpaper To Your IPhone

Simply click and hold an image to save it to your camera roll.

How To Change Your IPhone Wallpaper

Changing your IPhone wallpaper is quick and easy. Go to your IPhone settings and click on wallpaper. Then click change wallpaper and pick one of the images in your camera roll. You can also adjust the size.

Canva has IPhone wallpaper designs that fit perfect on your phone! I recommend you get Canva free so you can download new wallpaper for your phone, any time! Below is some inspiration I found on Canva.

Motivational Wallpapers For Your IPhone

Here are 10 wallpapers that are sure motivate you to success. These wallpapers are all available on Canva! If you have Canva, you can even change up the colours and designs to suit your style. Enjoy!

If she can do it, why can’t you? Make it happen!

Check out this inspirational wallpaper series.

Although not motivational, I created this one and am using it as my Lockscreen as I write this so I HAD to share. I guess it can motivate some alone time…

The possibilities are endless so reach for the stars!

I love this one! It motivates you to be kinder, sweeter and more mindful of your energy around others.

Thoughts become the things we attract into our life, so keep them positive.


What a magical iPhone wallpaper with butterflies fluttering around a pastel sky!

Baby Don’t Worry, About A Thing…

In case you need a reminder!

Let’s make it a point to live less in the digital world and more in the online world this year!

This is a great wallpaper to help you get over your fears and tackle your day!

We all have lazy days, but sometimes those lazy days can turn into weeks! If you need a little motivating push, this is the wallpaper for you! Plus it’s cute!

Dreams help you connect with your deepest thoughts and desires! Take note of what you dream about and use this motivational IPhone wallpaper as a reminder!

You’ve got one life, so make it count. It really is now or never, sometimes.

You Glow Girl!

Don’t let anyone or anything get in your way

This wallpaper is a great reminder to not sweat the small stuff. Don’t let people who don’t matter, get you down.

A daily reminder to keep hustling! Every time you look at it, you’re sure to get a little boost of motivation!

Staying positive, every day is sometime we have to be intentional about. We need reminders, or else we slip back in to living in default. A great phone wallpaper can help you stay positive!

You life depends on you! Let this be a daily reminder to make it awesome!

When you’re aligned with good intentions, good intentions will follow you!!

This my my current wallpaper! I sometimes find myself slipping back to default, living life just going through the motions and not even noticing how I am feeling because I’m too busy or stressed. This reminds me to take note of how I’m feeling and choose happiness! If I’m stressed or feeling down, I can choose again!

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