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Self Care Tips For Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two of the main happiness blocks! They act like a wall, stopping happiness in its tracks. Self love, self care and positivity can attract happiness, love and success! Today, I’ll share some great ways to quickly lessen your stress and anxiety and boost your mental wellness!

Self care doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. In fact, the best self care is free!

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Meditation is one of my favourite mental health and wellness tools. It’s benefits are long-lasting and it’s free! You can meditate almost anywhere, but when you’re just starting out you’ll want to practice in a comfortable, quite place. This way you can connect with your mind and the universe. When I’m feeling anxious, overwhelmed or out of sorts, I take a mini break and spend a few minutes meditating. You don’t have to spend 20 minutes in meditation. A few minutes will do!

Keep a Journal

Keep notebook with you or within close proximity, especially when you’re winding down before bed. This way you can put your thoughts down on paper. I acts sort of like a release!

Remember when we talked about doing a mind dump? This process of writing things down to get them out of your head can do wonders for freeing up space so that your mind can process things more efficiently. It really takes away some stress, too. You don’t always have to do a major brain dump to gain the benefits, though. Simply jotting things down as you think of them can relieve your mind and help you to remember information for later. It’s also great for creativity.

Morning Pages

Morning pages are sort of like a journal, but it involves a routine of writing, you guessed it, every morning. This practice allows you to get your thoughts onto paper each day in order to process them and to find patterns in your thinking. It’s awesome for working through personal issues and for sparking new ideas. It also gets you in the habit of writing and recognizing your thoughts, each day!

Nature Walk

Sometimes the best things for you are not physical things you can hold. Activities are a great way to clear your head, as well. There’s nothing much better than taking a nature walk when you want to feel calm and centered, right? A change in scenery can really help when you need to unwind.

The movement of walking and the sounds of nature can also help. You can do just a light stroll or go for a longer hike if you need. Either way, getting outside will really benefit your mood.

Take a Bath

Water is a soothing element to surround yourself in. Taking a bath lets you soak your troubles away in warm water that can also alleviate physical stress on your body. Adding bubble bath or some essential oils can contribute to the calm with aromatherapy. Plus, the process of taking a bath forces you to slow down, giving your mind time to unwind.

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The next time you feel stressed or uptight and overwhelmed, try taking some time to focus on you. We tend to not want to slow down, which only makes things worse because we end up more stressed. The way to productivity and happiness is to take care of yourself. When we make ourselves a priority, the universe does too. You’ll see!

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