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What Is An Energy Vampire?

Have You Been Bitten By An Energy Vampire?

Energy vampires are people who suck the joy and energy right out of you. And they can be just as charming as Edward in Twilight, making them dangerously irresistible. Have you ever been around someone and felt completely drained afterwards? You’ve likely been a victim of an energy vampire!

They’re everywhere! But, once you learn the signs and symptoms, you can protect yourself so you won’t be sucked dry any more!

An energy vampire is a term used to metaphorically describe someone who’s presence and energy leaves people exhausted, drained, and even depressed. This can be particularly true for us Empaths. Check out my post ‘What is an Empath’ to find out if you’re one!

You’ve likely experienced the effects of an energy vampire and maybe wondered what was happening or if it was you! There are a lot of energy vampires out there. Approximately 20 percent of people have vampire characteristics.

Energy vampires can be anywhere and anyone. They can be your sibling, co-worker, or even your spouse. Why would you get so close to someone who can make you feel so bad? Because they can also be incredibly charming. And once they have you hooked, especially if you’re an empath, they can guilt you into spending time with them so they can feed of if your vulnerability. So rude, right?!

My advice to you, if you think you are being taken advantage of by an energy vampire:

  • Create distance
  • Limit your time with them
  • Practice self care
  • Be aware of what they’re doing
  • Take back your energy by not getting consumed in their neediness or drama

Being around an energy vampire can be particularly hard for sensitive people or empaths because they absorb emotions deeply and are easy targets for these types of self-absorbed narcissists.

Learning how to protect yourself and respond to these types of people, can help you preserve your energy and mental wellness.

The first step in anything is awareness. Knowing the signs of an energy vampire and the impacts can help you respond and take care of yourself.

There are different types of energy vampires. Some are the drama queens who seem to feed on other’s attention and do anything to get it. Other’s are manipulative narcissists who drain you of your energy, and some may not even be aware they’re doing it.

Signs Of An Energy Vampire

Energy Vampires Are Often Narcissists

It’s no surprise that energy vampires prey on empathetic and highly sensitive people. Energy vampires are usually self-absorbed narcissists who prey on the highly sensitive because they are drawn to compassionate people who care and feel deeply. Empaths usually allow themselves to be sucked dry, becoming easy targets. You feel the impacts long after the energy vampire has moved on to its next victim.

Energy Vampires Are Usually Charming

They know how to use their charm to lure you in! They can come across as sweet and before you realize it, you feel exhausted after every time you see them.

They Demand Attention

It’s hard to ignore an energy vampire and they make sure of that. They want your full attention.

They Love Drama

Drama = attention. They always seem to be involved in some sort of drama so they can dump it on you and suck you right in.

They Always Have To Have The Bigger Problem

Energy vampires feed on your energy. So, if you’re feeling down so is your energy. When you try to explain your problems to an energy vampire, they’ll immediately downplay them with their ‘bigger’ problems.

They Take You On A Guilt Trip

Guilt is an effective way to make you vulnerable. An energy vampire will try to guilt you into giving them more of your time and energy.

How To Deal With An Energy Vampire

Distance yourself as much as you can. It might not be possible to completely cut the person from your life, like a boss, co-worker or in-law, but you can make an effort to limit your time with this person as much as possible.

Prepare yourself. Just being aware of what’s happening can help you prepare mentally and emotionally. Build up your emotional strength before seeing the energy vampire in your life and you’ll enable a ‘shield’ of protection.

Practice self care after. For many of us it’s impossible not to feel the effects after you’ve encountered an energy vampire. Practicing self care after can help restore your energy.

Give them low energy. If you give them all of your energy, they’ll suck you dry. So DON’T. Give them low energy by not acting as interested in their drama as you usually would. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they move on to their next victim.

Say No! Energy vampires will try and suck more and more out of you if you let them. Some even see you becoming weaker and more vulnerable and use that time to ask favours from you because you’re more likely to agree. But DON’T! Standing up for yourself and protecting your energy is important for your mental health. Don’t allow them to take it all. You don’t have to be rude, but you don’t have to be a doormat either. Setting these boundaries and saying no shows them you’re not an easy victim.

Practice Self Care. Take care of yourself before and after encountering an energy vampire. They drain your cup, so you’ll have to fill it back up! Check out my Self Care Checklist for some great ideas!

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