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Canva Pro Pricing Secret – Get It Half Price!

I love Canva Pro, but I don’t like paying $12.95 (CAD) a month for it! So I found a way to get Canva Pro for half price, and I’ll show you how to too with this Canva Pro pricing secret!

This post contains affiliate links and if you click through and make a purchase I will make a commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support.

What Is Canva?

Canva is an online drop and design tool that makes it easy to create social media graphics, logos, print media designs and more! No graphic design experience necessary. Get Canva here-

Why You Need Canva Pro

First let’s look at why you’ll love Canva Pro! Canva Pro has so many cool options that the free version doesn’t. One of the best features is the ability to add many brand colours to your colour options, making it easy to brand each of your designs!

You can also add your own fonts (like free ones you can download here) and there are so many exclusive beautiful Canva Pro fonts.

And, stock photos! So many beautiful, feminine, quality stock photos! Finding quality stock photos that fit your brand is so worth the price alone. And they’re always adding more fonts, design elements and stock photos.

Let’s Compare Canva Free To Canva Pro

Brand Colours

Free version: Limited To 3 colours.

Canva pro: Save 100 brand colours. Your brand colours are right at the top of your colour selections making it super convenient when creating graphics! There is also a colour palette tool that makes finding complimentary colours really easy. No more guessing if it looks great together


Free version: 3 folders to organize your Canva designs, but no folders to keep your own photos in.

Canva pro: Unlimited folders for photos and designs! This makes organizing photos, designs, and templates super easy! You can organize your templates for each of your social media networks, photos for your blog and so much more!


Free version: Access to free fonts. You can’t upload your own fonts.

Canva pro: Access to exclusive Canva Pro fonts with so many beautiful fonts! Plus they’re always bringing in new fonts! And you can upload your own fonts. This is an amazing element for branding and is one of the reasons I was even paying full price for Canva Pro! Check out my fave Canva fonts here!


Free version: Limited free elements.

Canva pro: Access to so many more design elements that are exclusive to Canva Pro. You’ll never run out of design ideas now!


Free version: No resizing option.

Canva pro: Resize your images and designs. Create custom size images.

Transparent Backgrounds

Free version: No transparent background.

Canva pro: You can save a PNG with a transparent background! Love this feature for creating logos!

Search Your designs

Free version: No search option.

Canva pro: Search for your designs by name. This makes finding that one design you made months ago, a little easier!


Free version: Access to thousands of free templates.

Canva pro: Access to over 20,000 templates. Templates make it super easy to create designs for social media, Pinterest or your blog!


Free version: No gifs. Can’t add videos to your designs.

Canva Pro: Access to gifs and you can add your own videos to your designs.

Stock Photos

Free version: Access to thousands of free stock photos and you can purchase premium stock photos for $1.

Canva pro: My fave feature is the huge variety of premium stock photos at no additional cost! And they’re always adding more, so I never run out of amazing photos to use. They have a ton of beautiful, feminine photos perfect for branding your blog! This has been a game changer for me, my website and social media.

So How Do You Get Canva Pro For Half Price?

Want to enjoy all the Canva Pro perks, for half the price? Here’s how I do it! Just sign up for and create an account. It’s easy! Then, once you are logged in to GoCashBack, search for Canva and either create an account or upgrade your current account!

Read This To Receive Your Cash Back Every Month

Now this is the important part to continue to receive your cash back every monthYou have to cancel your subscription after you sign up with your link (don’t worry you’ll still be able to use all of the Pro features until the end of your month pay period). And then when you need to renew it next month, you login to your GoCashBack account and click through to Canva from your account and sign up for Canva Pro again! This is important or else you won’t continue to receive your cash back!

That’s it. You’ll get at least 50 percent of what you pay for you Canva subscription every month, as cash back!!

Remember you get a free trial of Canva Pro, and then you will need to pay for your monthly subscription if you like the upgrade. But if you signed up through GoCashBack, you’ll get half of your monthly fee, back! gives you cash back for shopping at so many other awesome places too like Kate Spade and Sephora. Why have I been paying full price all my life ugh! And why are you?

Another amazing cash back app is Rakuten!! You can save tons of money just for buying things you need anyway! Check it out here – Rakuten.

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  1. I just want to clarify: So I’d use GoCashBack on a monthly Canva subscription. over 50% cash back… Is that Just for the first (non-free-trial) month? Or all subsequent months? I can’t fathom how GoCashBack can know your renewal date and pay out to you repeatedly, when similar sites like Cashrewards can only apply a discount to your first month.

    1. Works every month!! Although last month there must have been a glitch cuz it didn’t work for me but I just emailed them and they sorted it out! I never pay full price:)

  2. Terrie Tatosian says:

    I am a realtor and want to design and send post cards and fliers to clients without spending a fortune. Once I pay the monthly fee for Canvas, are there separate charges per post card/flier, etc and what are the costs for them ? I can’t find them on the website

    1. Once you have Canva pro you have access to design all sorts of e cards you can send digitally or even printable! The monthly cost is around $7 with the cash back program I mentioned in the post! It’s important to note that you have to cancel your subscription before the end of your monthly terms and then use the cash back program to connect to Canva again and upgrade to pro at the beginning of the next cycle in order to continue to receive the discount! Otherwise it’s about $13 or $14 a month for Canva pro!

  3. Danny says:

    Hi Steph. Great post and was going to upgrade to pro anyway!

    Anyway followed your advice and got put on Canva lite. Is that it. Googled that and nothing!!

    1. It should be Canva pro if you upgraded!

  4. Prexel Parnacio says:

    How long does it take for cashback to rebate the 50% of your payment?

    1. It takes a few months to be available! And you need to have $20 I believe to do a withdrawal, but as long as you deactivate your pro account after you sign up, you will still have access to your pro account and then you go through the gocashback account to upgrade your Canva again when your month is up and you need to upgrade again! This way you get the cash back every month!

  5. Britt Malka says:

    Can you pay for a yearly subscription and do the same?

    1. You will get money back but I’m not sure if it’ll be 50 percent.

    2. Yearly it’s only 15% cashback

      1. Thanks, Nit 🙂 That’s helpful to know.

  6. Tanya Merola says:

    I’m signing up for Go Cash Back and I would like to get your referral code!

    1. Just click on the link in the post! Don’t forget to cancel your subscription after signing up and then re sign up using your gocashback account next month so you continue to get your cash back every month:) that’s what I do! And it usually takes a few months for your cash back to become available but it works!

  7. Hi Steph, do I cancel right away as soon as I get charged $12.95 since the pro is good for the rest of the month?

    1. Yes! That’s what I do and then go through gocashback again when u renew it a month later:)

      1. Thank you! I appreciate your quick response!

  8. Reshul says:

    hey Steph! any idea if this works for indian accounts as well?

    1. I’m sorry, I’m not sure!

  9. darshini krishna says:

    Hello, wondering does the folders you put the files in get jumbled up during the time between when you cancelled and reactivated pro?

    1. No, everything stays the same!

  10. Bethany says:

    What happens if you forget to buy another month and it goes back to the free plan? Will it go back to the two basic folders and unorganize everything?

    1. You won’t lose anything and it’ll all be the same as soon as you go through the gocash website and then to Canva to update your account.

      1. Bethany says:

        Okay, that helps a lot! Thank you so much! I already signed up for Go Cashback through your link.

  11. Abasiono says:

    Hi Steph. Thanks for the article.

    After signing up and receiving the free month trial, the only cancellation option I see is “cancel trial”. Is that the same thing as cancelling Canva pro?

    1. Yep that’s good! Then use the gocashback account to start up again with the pro when your trial is up

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