Fall Essential Oils Blends

Fall Essential Oil Blends: Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Pie & Cider Spice Essential Oil Diffuser Blends For Fall

Ahhh the colours and smells of fall- pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, apples and nutmeg! What could be more comforting? Your house can smell like warm apple cider, fresh baked pumpkin pie and carrot cake, every day with these scrumptious fall essential oils blends for your diffuser! Your home will smell delicious in seconds.

Forget potpourri and candles! These days, smart moms know that there’s a safer, quicker, less messy, and even healthier way to deliver some aromatherapy benefits to your family. You can even purify the air of your home in the process.

An essential oils diffuser has become a sanitizing, mood-conjuring mainstay for many a health-conscious modern mama who has discovered the amazing benefits of essential oils.

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I’ve been using Simply Earth essential oils and love the quality, price and fun essential oil recipes.

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Fall Essential Oils Diffuser Blends

Lovin’ in the Oven Blend

3 drops nutmeg

2 drops vanilla

1 drop vetiver

Pumpkin Pie Blend

2 drops ginger

2 drops clove

2 drops cinnamon

1 drop sweet orange

Carrot Cake Blend

2 drops vanilla

2 drops carrot oil

2 drops clove oil

3 drops lemon oil

Orange Clove Blend

3 drops orange 

2 drops clove 

3 drops chamomile

Cider Spice Blend

3 drops lemon

1 drop cardamom 

3 drops cinnamon

2 drops clove 

1 drop sandalwood

Fall Essential Oils: Benefits Of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Love the smell of cinnamon buns baking? Get the same sensory effect without the calories, plus a boatload of essential oils healing benefits. Cinnamon essential oil should most definitely be a part of your fall essential oils collection, for a number of reasons:

Cinnamon oil naturally fights viruses, bacteria and mold including yeast or candida spores. Fall allergy sufferers will likely find some relief after diffusing cinnamon and a blend of citrus in an essential oils cool mist humidifier.

Cinnamon oil soothes and grounds the nerves while delivering mental clarity. If you’re prone to nervous tension or racing thoughts, you might try diffusing cinnamon and another uplifting, clarifying essential oil such as lemon or orange, to soothe your nerves and sharpen your mental faculties.

Cinnamon oil stimulates. Known for its warming properties, cinnamon speeds up the heart and gets the blood pumping. If you’re prone to depression, cinnamon will help in this area as well. Just a few drops in your aromatherapy diffuser can take care of the afternoon sleepies and get creativity flowing again.

A few reasons to choose Simply Earth brand essential oils:

If you use essential oils either in aromatherapy or skincare applications, you’ll want to consider the source of where the plant oil is derived from. Now that essential oils use has dramatically increased, you’re likely to come across copycat companies trying to peddle their lower quality product as the real deal. Be aware, and choose brands like Simply Earth that promise a higher quality product ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

Always 100% pure, Simply Earth essential oils are made of only natural, plant based incredients – nothing synthetic, ever. Simply Earth can be trusted to deliver essential oils and essential oil blends that are never diluted or mixed with other, lesser ingredients.

Fall Essential Oils: Benefits Of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood oil imparts a woodsy, grounding aroma that will carry you away on a mystical escape to the East. This is the perfect essential oil to offset the sharpness of citrus and spice. Infuse it as the “bass note” of your aromatherapy blends. 

Sandalwood is held in high regard for its natural ability to settle the nerves and sharpen the mind. It is a natural, mild muscle relaxant and is said to prolong youth and vitality.

In ancient times, sandalwood was regarded as a divine substance, used in social and religious rituals for thousands of years. 

Sandalwood is ideal for skincare applications, as it soothes, tightens, tones and heals.

When diffused for aromatherapy, sandalwood works to rid the body of stress and calm the mind for clearer thinking.

Fall Essential Oils: Benefits Of Cardamom Essential Oil

Cardamom essential oil has been long cherished in eastern culture for its healing gifts. Derived from seeds of  the cardamom plant which is commonly dried and used to spice baked goods, cardamom is typically praised in aromatherapy applications for improving respiratory function. 

Add a few drops of cardamom oil to your fall spice diffuser blends to help clear the lungs, deepen breathing, soothe jangled nerves and ease the digestive system.

Fall Essential Oils: Benefits Of Vanilla Essential Oil

Traditionally a warming spice used to flavor baked goods and desserts, vanilla comes with its share of health benefits, utilized in essential oil form. Add vanilla essential oil to your fall aromatherapy diffuser blends to conjure a peaceful, serene mood and lift the spirits. 

Vanilla essential oil is said to improve blood circulation thanks to being mildly stimulating. 

Vanilla essential oil relieves digestive troubles, eases muscle pain, and promotes relaxation, allowing for improved sleep. 

With its mellow scent, vanilla essential oil works well when added to natural soap and candle recipes. 

Vanilla oil blends nicely with orange, peppermint, or lemon oils in an essential oils diffuser.

Fall Essential Oils: Benefits Of Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil captures the healing power of the sun in a bottle. Derived from pure plant-based ingredients, this essential oil from Majestic Pure blends nicely with warming spices for fall aromatherapy blends that evoke memories of your favorite recipes.

Orange oil is often used to treat depression and low mood, as it is naturally uplifting.

It helps to promote clear thinking and impart joy.

Orange oil, like all of the citrus oils, cleans and purifies the air due to its antifungal, anti-viral and antibacterial properties.

It also calms the nerves as it invigorates the senses and is said to be a mild aphrodisiac.

Fall Essential Oils: Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil is derived from the clove plant, which is typically used as a spice to flavor baked goods and desserts as well as season meats. It affords amazing health benefits to the body, including the ability to ward off viruses, bacteria and mold. 

Clove is one of the five “thieves” essential oils in the reputed blend said to ward off plague centuries ago. Add several drops of clove essential oil, along with cinnamon oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, and rosemary oil, for a powerful, healing blend that can be added to a spray bottle of water to freshen, purify and deodorize the air of your home. Spray it on surfaces and let sit for a few moments before wiping away, leaving behind a sanitized area with fresh, invigorating scent.

Clove oil is a warming spice which speeds up body functions such as breathing and heart rate. This makes it ideal for purifying the blood by removing toxins.

Clove oil has been used in dental applications for centuries because it is a natural pain reliever. Rub a drop of clove oil on a toothache for instant numbing and sanitizing of the affected area.

Wrapping Up: Fall Essential Oil Blends

Turn your home into a whole fall vibe and make it smell like a cozy, crisp autumn day naturally with these easy fall essential oil diffuser blends. Fall essential oils are an easy way to make your home smell good.

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